• EasyLock

    A spray that is easy to use and automatically snaps into place: EasyLock is equipped with special positioning pins that ensure that the pull-out spray is always in the right position.

  • TouchProtect

    Safe to use: An insulated hot water guidance system with a “double skin” principle means the body of the faucet or the pull-out spray can become warm but never hot. In this way, TouchProtect intelligently prevents scalding.

  • PowerClean

    The spray you want at the touch of a button: PowerClean makes it exceedingly easy to switch the flow of water on the spray head – from a standard spray to a fine needle spray.

  • SprayLock

    Adjust the flow: With SprayLock, you can keep the jet of water from your faucet flowing exactly how you want, even when the water is shut off. When you turn the water back on, the water flows in the same way again.

Technical data

Article numbers / Variants

K. chrome
A 225, raccords tubulures cuivre