• SkinProtect

    Effective protection against scalding: With SkinProtect, your faucet will only supply you with water hotter than 38 °C when you press the safety button on the temperature controller. If the cold water is shut off, the faucet automatically shuts off the hot water immediately.

  • TouchProtect

    Safe to use: An insulated hot water guidance system with a “double skin” principle means the body of the faucet or the pull-out spray can become warm but never hot. In this way, TouchProtect intelligently prevents scalding.

  • EcoProtect

    For the highest energy classes and responsible use of resources: EcoProtect represents our commitment to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. For example, the turning handle that limits the water flow level. To switch off the water-saving mode, simply turn the handle back past the soft catch point.

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Thermostat Mischer


Thermostat Mischer

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20.062.523.000 chrome
AD 153, A 190, mit Brause, Schlauch und Halter