KWC SwissSmartness

Intelligent design culminating in excellent performance: KWC SwissSmartness embodies superior product design that makes perfection and elegance not only visible, but also tangible.


KWC QualityControl

Exceptional quality from A to Z: with KWC QualityControl, we guarantee the utmost product reliability. KWC performs and continuously monitors all stages of the process: development, production, installation, and even the manufacture of the required tools.


KWC ServiceControl

A commitment to quality that extends long after delivery: KWC ServiceControl is backed by a well-trained team of tried-and-true KWC experts.


KWC DetailPassion

Crafted with love, down to the last detail: KWC DetailPassion describes our legendary eye for subtle nuances and that special something. This valuable skill has made us a leading international supplier of superior quality faucets that continue to raise the industry standard.

KWC CertificationGuarantee

Trust is good, certifications are better: our KWC CertificationGuarantee ensures that we have all of our products professionally inspected and certified across all markets.


KWC TimelessDesign

Designed for longevity: KWC TimelessDesign represents exacting aesthetic standards of elegance and perfection that are at once modern and timeless.


KWC InnovationDrive

A tradition of innovation: Our innate passion for challenging the status quo, optimizing products and processes, and setting trends – that is KWC InnovationDrive. A unique spirit that has defined us since 1874.