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  • 01.10.2015

    KWC ZOE TLP – innovative and high-­tech sculptural art for the kitchen

    Electronically controlled faucets will play a key role in the kitchens of tomorrow – and KWC ZOE TLP is perfectly programmed for the future.
    The "TLP" ("touch light PRO") suffix brings a new, electronic addition to the KWC ZOE pre-­ mium faucet line, which was first launched in 2013 and has won...

  • 18.02.2015

    KWC ZOE for the bathroom – a faucet with character

    A new faucet design, that raises the bar in terms of attractive benefits.
    KWC ZOE is a faucet range that has been designed with exceptional bathrooms in mind. Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, superb functionality and top quality, it sets itself clearly and distinctly apart from the competition. The...