KWC is Bestpartner 2020/2021


Award in the category "Faucets"

As part of the Intergastra, a trade fair for the hotel and catering industry, the german trade association for catering and commercial kitchen equipment (GGKA) presented the "Bestpartner 2020/2021" award. The 15 winners were awarded on February 15, 2020 at the Intergastra trade fair in Stuttgart. The premium faucet manufacturer KWC won in the category: “Machines and Devices” in the specific sub-category “Faucets”.

For the 17th time, the trade association for catering and commercial kitchen equipment assessed the performance of its suppliers. The selection of the Bestpartner was made directly by the 80 members of the association, all representatives of the trade industry, which speaks for the relevance of the award. The jury evaluated selected suppliers based on trade relevant areas. These included: technical design and quality, complaint management, delivery reliability, goodwill behaviour, sales policy, sales support and revenue recognition. The rating followed the school grading system and the grades were weighted differently according to their respective meaning. The premium faucet manufacturer KWC received the first place in the “Machines and Devices” category and subcategory “Faucets”, with an overall rating of 2.05.

Certificate of gastronomy competence
The KWC brand stands for solutions at the highest technological level with intuitive and resource-friendly functions. The faucets from the KWC GASTRO series have been specially developed for the use in professional kitchens, such as canteens and catering kitchens, and impress with their innovative technology, durability and functionality. Unique product advantages speak for themselves: for example, KWC faucets have high-quality stuffing boxes to seal the spouts. These can be quickly tightened, are powerful, durable and proven time and time again. The solid valve, installed in every two-handle mixer, ensures easy operation even at full water pressure and the control cartridge acts against sudden pressure surges. The KWC metal handles are also optimally geared to the requirements of the catering trade: they can be quickly removed and easily cleaned. In addition, the handles have a good grip for performance comfort. For more protection of water damage in professional kitchens, KWC GASTRO wall faucets all have lockable connection. Another quality criterion of KWC is that our chrome-plated faucets are galvanised with only elementary chrome. This is harmless to the user.