New for 2020: KWC DOMO I 6.0 Kitchen

The new generation KWC DOMO I 6.0 is technically programmed for the future and visually aligned with the zeitgeist. Existing perfection and proven technology were raised to a new level with innovative technical platforms. The clear, consistent styling impresses in all versions and enhances rinsing and preparation stations both aesthetically and functionally. Top-operated and side-operated lever mixers, each with swiveling faucet, as well as a version with pull-out spray head are available.

Good arguments  

• New styling: A finer, more slender silhouette with reduced overall diameter and perfect proportions.

• Long lever: Featuring a new characteristic design. Refined look and feel, as well as intuitive, easy operation and ergonomics. 

• Practical selection: Top-operated and side-operated designs, with swiveling faucet, with and without pull-out spray head. 

• Classic: Top-operated with swiveling faucet – ergonomic, handy, functional. 

• Straight lines: Side-operated and featuring a completely new and consistently linear design. 

• Pull-out spray head: Spray head integrated seamlessly in the outlet. High-grade metallic coating for increased service life of the pull-out hose.

• QuickConnect: Easy installation and greater safety in the kitchen, as the spray hose no longer needs to be screwed on – thereby eliminating the risk of damaging the seal and causing water damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

• Durable quality: KWC DOMO has stood for durability, reliability, and a safe investment since 1982.


New kitchen faucet with TripleClean

A completely new kitchen faucet is being used for the first time with the KWC DOMO I 6.0. This new faucet employs TripleClean, which ensures exactly the right amount of water and spray force based on requirements. Three water spray types can be activated flexibly at the push of a button precisely when you need it, for example when preparing food or rinsing dishes: Standard Spray for filling glasses and pans, Soft Spray for gentle washing of food items, and Power Spray for powerful precleaning and removing dirt. 

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