German Brand Award 2017: KWC earns Special Mention

Swiss Water Experience: KWC among the honorees at the German Brand Award 2017

The German Brand Award recognizes successful brand management in Germany and is awarded to unique brands and brand creators. The award is an initiative of the German Design Council, an independent and international institution that helps companies efficiently communicate good design and also strives to raise awareness about design among the general public. The jury comprises a panel of leading branding experts from industry and academia.

Special Mention for KWC
The Special Mention is awarded in recognition of work in special aspects of brand management. The award honors commitment to the brand’s competitiveness, which not only depends on excellent products but also on a successful brand strategy and brand management. KWC’s brand management is built around the Swiss Water Experience: water as the source of expertise, knowledge, experience and responsibility.

“We believe that delivering perfection and the continuous pursuit of perfection is a never-ending journey. It is a journey that has earned renown for the KWC brand and its excellent craftsmanship, positioning it as one of the world’s leading faucet producers. This recogni-tion is very important to us. We consider it our life’s work to strive continuously for perfec-tion. By creating products that connect people with life’s most important natural resource, namely water.”.

“We are particularly pleased that KWC has won recognition in this highly selective nomination process in a field of such high-caliber competition. We are proud to rank among companies with the most successful branding.” 

Adrian Hunn, Head of Marketing & International Sales 
KWC, Franke Water Systems AG