KWC wins three more prestigious design awards

Since it was launched, the KWC ZOE faucet range has been lavished with design awards.

Swiss faucet brand KWC is celebrating the addition of no fewer than three significant design prizes to its collection – this time for the new bathroom series of the KWC ZOE faucet line.

Top rankings year after year
With the KWC ZOE kitchen faucet having already clinched three awards for its outstanding design when it made its debut on the market in 2013, the three new accolades offer further impressive evidence that this faucet range is truly in a class of its own.

This time it is the turn of the KWC ZOE bathroom faucet, released last year, to receive honours – in the form of the Good Design Award 2015-­2016, the German Design Award 2016 and the iF Design Award 2016!

Jury’s assessment (German Design Award 2016 – Excellent Product Design)
“The unmistakably elegant design of KWC ZOE calls forth an association with the natural shape of a parabolic jet of water. The faucet ingeniously combines functionality and aesthetics in the bathroom and serves as an icon for a contemporary oasis of well-­being. It unquestionably belongs to the premium segment and redefines the idea of aesthetic opulence for bathrooms. Every aspect and every curve of the product expresses modern luxury.”

Testament to design expertise
The awards not only underline the quality of the design of this faucet range, they also attest to the philosophy that underpins the KWC brand – the belief that a faucet is far more than simply a water dispenser. KWC makes it possible for people to consciously engage with water, life’s most vital resource, in the kitchen and bathroom. This is something it has been doing for more than 100 years with its elegant, precision-­perfect products and solutions, winning over people across the globe with high-­quality faucets and thus enabling them to enjoy unparalleled harmonious experiences with water.

“We set great store by how juries of independent experts rate our products. These acknowledgements are not only a testament to our design expertise, but also an important indicator of whether we – with concepts such as KWC ZOE – have successfully captured the spirit of the age while keeping the future in our sights.”

Adrian Hunn, Head of Marketing & International Sales 
KWC, Franke Water Systems AG