Room for more flair

Room for more flair

For you, the bathroom might be a place for recharging your batteries. Or perhaps somewhere you go to take a break? Or maybe it's a space where you can simply be. Whatever your bathroom habits and routines, we can offer you the perfect system for any interior, with functions and designs that capture the hearts of even the sternest panels of international expert judges.

  • Perfectly at home in all kinds of styles

    Good bathroom design has to fulfil a lot of requirements: apart from ensuring ease of use, it must guarantee safety and hygiene, offer extra functions, last for a lifetime and look great too. That is why we gear our faucet concepts towards your needs in every respect.

  • A thorough cleanse

    There is one essential thing your bathroom needs: running water. Not only does it refresh and relax you, it also maintains the required level of hygiene – in the shower, in the bath or when you're washing your hands. The task of ensuring a high-quality, pleasurable bathroom experience falls to our faucets.

  • Pure, unadulterated pleasure

    Some people like to stand in the shower and listen to the sound of rushing water or invigorate their senses. For others, the shower is a place where they find inspiration and fresh ideas. Then there are those who take a shower to make themselves ready to face the day ahead or wash away their worries at the end of it.