Systematic relaxation

Systematic relaxation

Are you renovating an old building and looking for a state-of-the-art, space-saving shower solution? Or do you want to create a complete extra bathroom in a new building with limited space? Our shower systems are designed for just these kinds of scenarios. Not only will they appeal to your flair for the aesthetic, but they are also ideal for installing with existing faucets.

  • Planning made easy

    Make your bathroom dreams come true in a step-by-step process with the help of our shower configurator.

  • Replacement solutions

    Make the most of your existing bathroom fittings with our replacement solutions. We can replace sliding wall bars with water-bearing versions, or enhance your existing bathtub or shower mixer with a shower head and hand shower of your choice and a KWC thermostat.

  • Surface-mounted solutions

    KWC's surface-mounted solutions create plenty of scope for your ideas with very little effort. They offer you a cost-effective alternative for new buildings.

  • Concealed solutions

    With these shower systems, you can make your personal design dreams come true to exceptionally elegant effect, be it in a new building or in a complete refurbishment.