• KWC+ Sustainability

  • CoolFix


    Intelligent and efficient resource usage: With CoolFix, when the lever is in the center – the most common position – the water runs cold. Only when the lever is turned to the left, the water runs warm.

  • EcoProtect


    For economical water consumption and responsible use of resources: EcoProtect represents our commitment to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

  • HealthProtect


    Better hygiene and unchanged water quality: HealthProtect highlights the strict standards we set ourselves to ensure that our faucets do not affect the taste and smell of your water – that is why we use high-quality materials (metals, plastics) that are ideally suited for contact with water.

  • KWC+ Quality

  • GlacierFinish


    Robust surfaces and high-quality craftsmanship: GlacierFinish is equipped with durable surfaces that are exceptionally robust and feature an attractive polished shine that you can enjoy for years to come.

  • OptimalSpace


    Practical yet elegant ergonomic design: OptimalSpace features long, tall spouts that provide ample space for washing and or working.

  • PrecisionMove


    Exceptional elegance and precision: PrecisionMove allows for seamless movements and exceptional convenience thanks to our consistent use of top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

  • KWC+ Design

  • UniqueLever


    Innovative lever designs that allow for natural and intuitive use: UniqueLever features innovative KWC design – elegance and precision that you can not only see, but also feel every day.

  • KWC+ Innovation

  • IntelligentControl


    Intuitive control meets modern convenience: IntelligentControl reacts to a tap of your finger, can be programmed based on your personal habits and requirements, and has a light ring that indicates the current water temperature.

  • QuickInstallation


    Hassle-free positioning and fastening of the threaded connection for quick and easy installation: the locking nut is screwed into place by hand to hold the faucet in position using QuickInstallation, before it is fixed in place via the two locking screws.

  • ShieldProtect


    Extended service life and secure protection: ShieldProtect uses a special membrane to seal the faucet, protecting it against cleaning products and dirt.

  • SkinProtect


    Effective protection against scalding: With SkinProtect, your faucet will only supply you with water hotter than 38 °C when you press the safety button on the temperature controller. If the cold water is shut off, the faucet automatically shuts off the hot water immediately.

  • TouchProtect


    Safe to use: An insulated hot water guidance system with a “double skin” principle means the body of the faucet or the pull-out spray can become warm but never hot. In this way, TouchProtect intelligently prevents scalding.