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Simply smart!

KWC KIO radically changes the way people work at the sink. Water temperature, water quantity, water jet: Everything can be controlled and changed with one hand. Just a touch of the finger, and everything flows as you need it. Try it once and you'll never go back!

Recognized with the iF Design Award 2021.



The Epitome of Simplicity

Unique flat lever, elegant soft-cube design, ultrasleek silhouette. The new KWC AVA 2.0 makes a clear statement that whoever lives here knows exactly what they want from life – and from their bathroom: stylish confidence, simple elegance, excellent quality, and functionality so perfect that you barely even notice it.

KWC AVA 2.0 faucets


A real all-rounder

KWC LUNA E cuts a fine figure across the board with its simple design and intelligent functionality. But that’s not all: with its comprehensive range, there is sure to be an elegant solution for every application in stock. Even front window solutions and soap dispensers can be included. KWC LUNA E - the popular all-round carefree faucet.

KWC LUNA E faucets


Test out our new
AR range

Your favorite faucet at glance with just a few clicks:

KWC DOMO | 6.0

Augmented Reality



Pure elegance for the bathroom

Elemental joy for architectural devotees: the refined round and square designs ensure that the award-winning faucets integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, the puristic design vocabulary complemented by the stainless-steel materials. This creates a harmonious counterpoint between the sleek silhouette and its practical nature, its matte finish gently reflecting the tones of its surroundings.

KWC AVA E faucets

Assembly and service instructions archive

If Repairs Are Needed

Replacement parts for KWC products are available up to 10 years after a faucet has been taken off the market. The installation and service instructions of these faucets are provided here so that you can find the corresponding numbers.

Assembly and service instructions archive


  • New CEO / New Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Frank Schnatz to Be the New CEO of KWC Group AG and Thorsten Klapproth the New Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Following the successful splitting of Franke Water Systems Ltd. from Franke Holding and the name change to KWC Group AG, Frank Schnatz will become the new CEO of the corporate group on July 1, 2022. Frank Schnatz, who has been Co-CEO for more than a year, will take over from Thorsten Klapproth, who will continue to support the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors, Stefan Maser, will remain a member of the Board.

  • KWC. The new name of Franke Water Systems

    KWC and Franke Water Systems become one: KWC.
    Working together, we not only offer solutions for private spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, but also for public spaces. The requirements of this sector are also constantly increasing but we have the answers.

  • German Brand Award 2017: KWC earns Special Mention

    Swiss Water Experience: KWC among the honorees at the German Brand Award 2017
    The German Brand Award recognizes successful brand management in Germany and is awarded to unique brands and brand creators.