Chef's tip

Chef's tip

In the kitchen, we bring together three key factors for your benefit: comfort, ergonomics and functionality. When it comes to our kitchen faucets, every detail is just right, every movement perfectly orchestrated and every function designed to impress. After all, our technology is not meant to make its presence felt, but to make itself useful – no matter whether you are cooking, cleaning or simply enjoying yourself.

  • Live life in style

    The kitchen should be a place where you can work in comfort and feel at ease at the same time. Today's home cooks like to prepare food, serve up dishes and add a few finishing flourishes with as much imagination as a master chef, and with ingredients that are as fresh as those you would find in gourmet restaurants.

  • Designed by experts for connoisseurs

    You want a kitchen you'll absolutely love – whether you're a professional aiming for Michelin stars or a keen amateur reaching for cookery books. As a leading provider of professional faucets, we know exactly what you need from your contemporary sink and preparation area.

  • Spick and span

    What are the top three things you need to guarantee long-term hygiene in your kitchen? Water, water and more water! With our faucets, you can rest assured that you will always have running water at your disposal in just a few simple steps – anywhere you need it, in whatever quantity you want, at just the right temperature and with the perfect spray profile.