Innovations and highlights


    Sometimes it only takes one glance, sometimes a second. Then, after having noticed that in addition to its exceptionally elegant, vibrant and natural design, its functionality, quality and cost also meet expectations. Then, there simply isn't a reason for not choosing it. The shape transitions are subtle, the lever seamless, the body devoid of an escutcheon – it all makes the KWC MANA not only beautiful, but also easy to clean. And you'll also be saving precious resources in the bathroom: it's extremely sparing in its use of water. – Yes, it's arrived.


    You reach perfection when there’s nothing else to leave out. KWC FIT – a faucet pared down to the essentials. Ingenious functionality, top-quality workmanship, refined details, a pleasant feel and an attractive price – not to mention the aesthetics that visually emphasize the art of simplicity.


    Elemental joy for architectural devotees: the refined round and square designs ensure that the award-winning faucets integrate seamlessly into their surroundings, the puristic design vocabulary complemented by the stainless-steel materials. This creates a harmonious counterpoint between the sleek silhouette and its practical nature, its matte finish gently reflecting the tones of its surroundings.


    If true refinement and strict hygiene are priorities for you, the stainless-steel version is the perfect choice. The stainless-steel surface is durable, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and above all, anti-bacterial. This is the ideal solution for the most intensively used work area in the kitchen: the sink/food preparation hub.

  • KWC AVA 2.0

    Unique flat lever, elegant soft-cube design, ultrasleek silhouette. The new KWC AVA 2.0 makes a clear statement that whoever lives here knows exactly what they want from life – and from their bathroom: stylish confidence, simple elegance, excellent quality, and functionality so perfect that you barely even notice it.


    With its cone-shaped body and sculptural design, this faucet brings both futuristic aesthetics and intelligent functionality into the kitchen. KWC KIO offers the option of using digital or manual controls and a handheld shower head – minimalistic design with maximum functionality and perfect ergonomics.


    KWC ACTIVO is so bold and self-assured that it can even be combined with more playful elements to create a well-balanced, stylish whole that perfectly harmonizes rigorous design, sensuality, and light-heartedness. A line of faucets with a dynamic feel that brings fresh energy into the bathroom every day.

  • KWC DOMO | 6.0

    Few design objects have managed to remain modern for around 40 years, but the KWC DOMO, probably Switzerland’s biggest selling faucet, has done just that. And that’s not where its story ends. This millionfold proven faucet has undergone careful design developments and been combined with cutting-edge technology to create the latest generation with an even wider range of products: KWC DOMO | 6.0.


    How can tangible values such as longevity, precision, and functionality be combined with classic elegance? KWC BEVO provides the answer: it takes a lot of attention to detail. This is evident at first sight – thanks to its slender silhouette, classically shaped spout, and unmistakable lever design. And it is perceptible in everyday use, too – thanks to top-class materials and high-tech workmanship.


    Not only in its ergonomics and user-friendliness, but also in its use of resources, less is more – 5 liters/minute, to be specific. The KWC pillar tap is suitable for hot and cold water connections and, due to its sleek design, is an aesthetic fit in any setting. At home, too, the KWC pillar tap is the ideal solution. It works well as a space-saving and resource-saving washbasin faucet or as a dispenser for drinking water.


    KWC MONTA is a timeless yet modern line of faucets with confident, bold design that fits perfectly in any bathroom. At the same time, KWC MONTA also features an array of ingenious features and attention to detail that turns the ordinary into something extraordinary. Offering intelligent functions, intuitive ease of use, and plenty of room for maneuver, with its functional highlights, KWC MONTA is truly the ultimate in practical luxury for your bathroom.


    Understated yet bold, refined yet daring – what may seem like a contradiction is actually the key to creating classic design. And KWC ELLA is just that: with its subtle curves, smooth angles, and clear contours, the line of faucets will be as modern tomorrow as it is today.


    We only consider a faucet to be perfect when it fits perfectly. When every angle, every edge, every surface and every distance is correct to the very last millimeter. Especially when it comes to concealed installations. Because here, functionality and a flawless finish are equally important.


    For some people, design is the number one concern. For others, it might be convenience or quality. Then there are those who simply want everything to be just right. It is for these people that we have designed KWC ISLA: elegant, functional and precise, right down to the smallest detail.


    Visually stunning, highly practical, and very easy to clean – the KWC SUNO excels in all respects, without being ostentatious. With its minimalist design, the faucet discreetly blends into modern kitchens with straight lines, and the high spout allows plenty of space for working. Regardless of which version you select: the KWC SUNO embodies quality and precision craftsmanship.


    KWC LUNA E cuts a fine figure across the board with its simple design and intelligent functionality. But that’s not all: with its comprehensive range, there is sure to be an elegant solution for every application in stock. Even front window solutions and soap dispensers can be included. KWC LUNA E - the popular all-round carefree faucet.