A symbol of modernity

If you are a designer, an architect, a building developer, an investor or a plumber, you may already recognise KWC DOMO as a symbol for our age. The high-quality lever mixer has been one of Switzerland's most frequently installed models since 1982. This perennial product from KWC offers you proof that good things last – but there is still always room for improvement.

KWC DOMO Bath/Kitchen

KWC DOMO Bath/Kitchen PDF 1.6 MB

KWC DOMO Kitchen

KWC DOMO Kitchen PDF 0.6 MB

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  • Detachable for installation below windows

    Faucet which can be positioned under a window, especially in the kitchen. To open the window, the faucet is pulled out and laid on its side.

  • CoolFix - Cold water flow with a centered lever

    Intelligent and efficient resource usage: With CoolFix, when the lever is in the center – the most common position – the water runs cold. Only when the lever is turned to the left, the water runs warm.