DOMO | 6.0

Switzerland’s faucet of choice: quality redefined

Few design objects have managed to remain modern for around 40 years, but the KWC DOMO, probably Switzerland’s biggest selling faucet, has done just that. And that’s not where its story ends. This millionfold proven faucet has undergone careful design developments and been combined with cutting-edge technology to create the latest generation with an even wider range of products: KWC DOMO | 6.0.

KWC DOMO in the kitchen

KWC DOMO in the kitchen PDF 3.1 MB

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  • CoolFix - Cold water flow with a centered lever

    Intelligent and efficient resource usage: With CoolFix, when the lever is in the center – the most common position – the water runs cold. Only when the lever is turned to the left, the water runs warm.