A graceful little multitasker

KWC ONO appeals to your appreciation for all things practical – and to your sophistication. That is why this simple faucet for the bathroom and kitchen is not only designed to be extra robust, but also has an exceptionally fine finish. KWC ONO ably assists you with its intelligent functions, yet it is always the perfect picture of elegance.

KWC ONO Bath/Kitchen

KWC ONO Bath/Kitchen PDF 2.1 MB

KWC ONO Kitchen

KWC ONO Kitchen PDF 1.1 MB

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  • Detachable for installation below windows

    Faucet which can be positioned under a window, especially in the kitchen. To open the window, the faucet is pulled out and laid on its side.

  • HighFlex - patented spring hose technology

    Increased freedom of movement and ease of use: HighFlex makes it possible to move the spring hose in every direction while ensuring it remains reliably stable when not in use.