Intuition you can rely on

Some people – such as doctors, care staff and patients – need to be able to rely on an extra-high standard of user-friendliness and hygiene. KWC VITA PRO has proved itself to be the perfect all-round support in this respect. The exceptionally robust loop on the lever mixer sits comfortably in your hand with a good grip and is intuitive to use.

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  • Thermostat

    The (pre-set) water temperature is controlled using a thermostat, offering both maximum safety and greater convenience. KWC thermostats prevent any scalding surprises, because, thanks to the hot water pipe being insulated, the body of the faucet becomes no more than warm, providing reliable protection against burning. Thermostats also keep the water constantly at the required temperature and use an intelligent mechanism to compensate for variations in pressure and temperature. KWC thermostats are fitted with a safety stop at 38° C, giving reliable protection against scalding. For higher temperatures, all you have to do is press a button to override the stop.