KWC ZOE TLP – innovative and high-­tech sculptural art for the kitchen

Electronically controlled faucets will play a key role in the kitchens of tomorrow – and KWC ZOE TLP is perfectly programmed for the future.
The "TLP" ("touch light PRO") suffix brings a new, electronic addition to the KWC ZOE pre-­ mium faucet line, which was first launched in 2013 and has won numerous awards for its outstanding design. When it comes to working in the kitchen, this faucet provides assistance right where you need it – when you already have your hands full washing up or preparing food. All it takes is a gentle touch – even with your arm or the back of your hand. And, what's more, KWC ZOE TLP is the world's first electronically controlled faucet to feature an inte-­ grated pull-­out spray.

Easy to use – with great benefits
KWC ZOE TLP is incredibly simply to operate, it responds intuitively to a brief touch and is extremely easy to programme to suit users' personal habits and needs. The round operating unit also features a light ring, which indicates the chosen water temperature. All this gives you additional room for manoeuvre.

A new highlight
KWC ZOE TLP combines captivating design with smart technology, while sophisticated func-­ tionality has taken aesthetic appeal to a whole new level. The electronic operating unit has no lever, but even at first glance it is clear to see how it works. It thus symbolizes a brand new dimension in digital technology.

Enhanced benefits


Intuitive Ingeniously simple operation by touch;; light rings provide a visual indica tion of the water temperature.

Ergonomic Handy pull-­out spray that can be extended by up to 50 cm without the hose becoming twisted. The hose guide can swivel 270°. Bright practical lighting in the sink area with a switchable Luminaqua® LED light (ON/OFF button on the pull-­out spray).

Economical The flow rate and water temperature can be programmed to suit personal requirements, doing away with the need to spend a long time mixing hot and cold water and preventing water from going to waste.

Hygienic Smooth, seamless design and a faceplate that is quick and easy to clean (KWC JETCLEAN).

Reliable Tried-­and-­tested technology. Clear visual indication of the water tempera ture. An emergency battery takes over in the event of a power failure.


-­ KWC ZOE TLP with pull-­out spray
-­ KWC ZOE TLP, available with an all chrome or decor steel.
-­ KWC ZOE TLP is available from October 2015.

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KWC ZOE touchlight PRO