Over the course of time

Our history began 140 years ago in a modest music box factory in Unterkulm. Today, we are an international enterprise serving discerning customers all over the world. We have achieved this through years of courage, skill and striving to make a difference. But let's start from the beginning.


Walter Luginbühl launches the manufacture of faucets and the first small "gas taps" are produced.


K&W exhibits its faucets for the first time at a trade fair in Reinach. The Hotel Negresco in Nice and various other international establishments are equipped with K&W faucets. 
The K&W faucet is awarded a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition.


Eugen Weber becomes acquainted with the die casting technique while on a study tour across the US. He establishes Injecta AG in Teufenthal to make practical use of this new discovery. Injecta AG becomes independent a few years later.
KWC supplies its first chrome-plated faucets in 1934.


KWC launches the ground-breaking NEO faucets in the market. These are the first faucets in the world to feature an angled upper valve section rather than a rising spindle. 
KWC produces the first low-noise PAX faucets in the same year.



The first low-pressure permanent mould casting system developed by KWC is put into operation, significantly increasing the company's production capacity.
Two years later, KWC dispatches its first low-pressure permanent mould casting machines.


KWC DOMO is launched under the name NEODOMO for the kitchen and bathroom. 
The KWC DOMO range remains the most successful lever mixer series in the Swiss market to date.


KWC launches KWC SODA, the first faucet with an integrated carbonated water dispenser.
KWC DOMO, the company's most successful line of faucets, celebrates its 20th anniversary.


KWC launches two new stand-alone faucet lines for the bathroom: KWC QBIX and KWC QBIX-ART. 
KWC introduces KWC MURANO, KWC TWISTER and KWC SMARTSHOWER to the Swiss market.


KWC launches KWC EVE, the first kitchen faucet with integrated LED light technology. 
The design of KWC DOMO is updated. At the same time, KWC DIVO is developed as a solution for contemporary, functional environments.
KWC launches KWC ONO for the kitchen. 
KWC EVE receives the Red Dot Design Award, the 2006 German Design Award and the 2006 IF product design award.



KWC presents KWC WAMAS for the first time at the Swissbau trade fair in three basic models. 
KWC ONO highflex® impresses the international specialist audience at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt and is awarded the internationally recognized Innovation Award for Architecture and Technology and the Design Plus award a short while later.
KWC launches KWC ONO for the bathroom. KWC ONO lightpin wins the Red Dot Design Award.


KWC presents ground-breaking innovations including KWC ONO touch light PRO at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt.
KWC AVA with coolfix® for the kitchen and bathroom takes the market by storm and is awarded the 2010 Innovation Prize. 
KWC introduces KWC LIVELLO, a new high-end kitchen faucet.
KWC SIN's stylish design and wide range of functions earns it the Design Plus powered by ISH award in 2011. 
KWC showcases ShowerCulture – the latest generation of hand showers, shower heads, shower systems and thermostats – at the 2012 Swissbau trade fair in Basel and internationally.
KWC SAROS for the kitchen is introduced.


KWC launches the KWC ZOE kitchen faucet at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, where it is presented with the Red Dot Design Award powered by ISH.
The relaunch of KWC DOMO at ISH proves a resounding success.
The KWC ADRENA kitchen faucet is introduced. 
New generations of KWC VITA and VITA PRO conquer the faucet market in the care home and hospital sector.


KWC presents the KWC ZOE kitchen faucet and its corresponding bathroom range at the 2014 Swissbau trade fair in Basel. This successful faucet line receives the Product Innovation Award (PIA) and a Special Mention at the prestigious German Design Awards in 2014.
KWC ADRENA for the bathroom is introduced.
KWC's innovative L39 universal cartridge and new flexguard™ sealing membrane receive an enthusiastic response from the specialist market.