Recommendations from the chef

Recommendations from the chef

We bring together three key factors for you in the kitchen: comfort, ergonomics and functionality. This is reflected in our kitchen faucets. Every detail is just right, every movement is perfect, every function impresses. Ultimately, our technology is designed not to be noticed, but to be useful – whether it's for cooking, cleaning or pure enjoyment.

  • Life with style

    In your kitchen, you want to work conveniently and feel comfortable at the same time. Today people prepare and cook, arrange and decorate market-fresh foods as imaginatively as a gourmet chef.

  • From experts for aficionados

    You want to love your kitchen – regardless of whether you are reaching for specific areas or your favorite cookbooks. As the leading supplier of professional faucets, we know what your rinsing and preparation area can and must represent today.

  • Clean design

    For sustainable hygiene in the kitchen, you need three things in particular: water, water and water. We therefore guarantee that our faucets will supply you with running water everywhere, in the desired quantity, at the perfect temperature and with the right spray in just a few simple steps.