Innovations and highlights


    KWC LUNA E cuts a fine figure across the board with its simple design and intelligent functionality. But that’s not all: with its comprehensive range, there is sure to be an elegant solution for every application in stock. Even front window solutions and soap dispensers can be included. KWC LUNA E - the popular all-round carefree faucet. 


    KWC AVA combines your subtle stylistic expertise with your demand for reliable Swiss quality and state-of-the-art technology. With this range, you make a clear statement in your kitchen and bathroom: whoever lives here, knows exactly what he or she wants.


    With KWC ZOE, you place a sculptural masterpiece in your kitchen, which embodies our 140 years of expertise in handling water. This faucet performs subtle functions, provides a fascinating interplay of light and water and bears the signature of the master in unmistakable perfection. In a nutshell: KWC ZOE simply redefines kitchen luxury.